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New project management tool helps with applications management, due diligence, and cross-functional communication between real estate developers, licensed agents, marketing agencies, and governments
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About FreeFlow
Our innovative shortcut platform streamlines and accelerates the due diligence process for government officials, real estate developers, local licensed agents, and international marketing agencies, making it quicker and simpler than ever before.

By leveraging the latest technologies, we're transforming
the CBI industry and enhancing the CBI programs' efficiency.

Join us and be a part of the future
of worldwide CBI Programmes!
How it works
Application management
Use statuses for applications. Add files, and comments, and forward applications to other employees.

You will never lose a single application
Ongoing due diligance
All applications undergo an ongoing automatic due diligence process, from the moment of submission to the issuance of citizenship. Therefore, if at any time the applicant turns out to be unreliable, such an application is automatically blocked.

And you will not have any claims from the officials.
Secure storage
All applications you receive are stored in a secure vault. Moreover, these applications and their forms cannot be changed because they are recorded in the blockchain.

All changes are recorded and you can see who and when changed specific files and for what reason.
Online discussions and comments allow you to communicate with everyone responsible in one place and keep up-to-date with updates and news on each application.
Time management
We save up to 80% of the time spent on routine bureaucratic and due diligence procedures.

So you can process more in the same amount of time as you normally would, up to 5 times over.
Who it's for
Governments Officials
Increase the affordability of programs, the number of applications and revenue
Licensed Agents
Decrease errors and rejections
Real Estate Developers
Funding facility increase
International Marketing Agencies
Submit more applications in the same time
Reduce the cost of investment
Benefits across the board
Transparency, time, compliance, risk management
We will reduce the cost and increase your profits
We accelerate and simplify processes, enabling money to reach all twice as fast.
Our solution reduces costs, ensuring more revenue for developers, agents, agencies, and the government.
We decrease errors and rejections, enabling all applications to generate revenue.
We maintain privacy, resulting in an increased number of applicants.
Our solution involves complete digitization, positively contributing to conserving the planet's resources.
Our streamlined approach to application processing increases overall efficiency, allowing all to focus on what they do best!
Who FreeFlow are
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Andrey Korolev
    Founder & Adviser
  • Dwight Clayton Cozier
    Managing Director
  • Daniel Grayson
    Marketing Officer
  • Anatoliy Zhestovskih
    Product Officer
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